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We are an established business of over 50 years. In 1963 my grandparents owned a very tiny electrical repair shop, which quickly became very successful and popular.


Before long they expanded their business and started selling electrical goods, batteries and bulbs but my grandmother wanted to bring a touch of glamour into the shop and therefore they began to stock decorative lighting.

In the early 70's the next generation showed an interest in the business and with business booming, it expanded into the premises next door. As we are based in Skegness, Lincolnshire, the store was becoming very popular with tourists and holidaymakers.


Fast forward to now, and we are the 3rd generation of the family to run the business, we now stock all aspects of lighting, heating and electrical appliances for the home with the addition of a large selection of gifts and homewares following all the modern up to date trends from around the world.